Australian Champion Wattavue Allegro Silver Dancer


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Leonard aka HRH… is an Australian Champion Miniature Poodle with a strong quality genetic history. He truly is the sweetest little guy EVER. Leonard is confident, intelligent, outgoing with a strong will and has a great sense of play and fun. He loves ball games, children, showing off and going to the beach. He has a soft spot for his Abyssinian cat buddy, Luna, and sometimes accompanies his owner, Jennifer, to work. Leonard is loyal and loving with his human family. He has superb characteristics, a stunning silver course coat, engaging eyes and a cheeky adaptable personality. He generously passes on his unique attributes to his offspring.

Leonard is available for stud to selected clients. For stud enquiries contact Jennifer on 0415 411 263.

DNA full breed profile results (Orivet) :
Von Willebrands Disease Type 1: Negative/Clear
Degenerative Myelopathy: Negative/Clear
Mucopolysacchardidosis V1 (Poodle Type): Negative/Clear
Progressive Rod Cone Degenerration (PRA): Negative/Clear

Breed : Miniature Poodle Bred by : Rhonda Harnell & Les Fabian
Sex : Dog Owned by : Jennifer Lawrence
Date of Birth : 28-Jul-18 Handled by : Jennifer Lawrence
Call Name : Leonard Available for stud : Yes. (to approved bitches)
Sire : Ch Hillani Dancing with Shadows S: S:
D: S:
Dam : Hillani Hey Ima Silver S: S:
D: S:

Contact Details

Rhonda Harnell
Peak Crossing, QLD, Australia
Phone : (07)54672035 or 0423 973 820
Email : [email protected]